Selasa, 02 Desember 2008

Tips to Win at Slots in Any Casino

The lights, the glitter, the ringing of bells, the clang of coins, those are part of the magic of casinos. Casinos have no windows to distract you from putting in your money. Most casinos today are using paper vouchers instead of coins. Why? Because it is faster, more efficient and lets you move more quickly between machines, which means your money leaves your hand faster. But it doesn't mean the money's gone forever. I give you some tips to help you leave the casino with money in your wallet.

First, before you leave home for casino, decide how much money you can afford to lose and take that amount with you. No extras, no credit cards, no ATM cards. Second, get yourself a player's card. The casino awards you points for playing and these can be used to get cashback or comps (complimentary meals, etc.).

I give you more tips on leaving a casino with money on next posting. So keep coming to this blog.

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